For many years – I actually don’t know how many – the community of St. Philip’s Milford, Ontario has taken up a Lenten collection to support the work of Henry Budd College. Former co-ordinators Paul Sodtke and Marion Jenkins originally made this fortuitous connection while on vacation. These faithful friends have taken the Lenten ‘alms-giving’ encouragement seriously. We’ve never traveled there to solicit funds, and they’ve not traveled here, but still they pray for us and give to support our work.

This year, Elizabeth Hill contacted me to provide some information for the congregation about who we are. So, our Elder, Ven. Lydia Constant, and I made a few videos and I provided some links for the good folks at St Philip’s. I thought to share them here and also give public thanks for our faithful friends at St. Philip’s Anglican Church – may God bless your ministry as you continue to care for your community – and ours too!