I’ve been hesitant to look back over 2022 – it’s been a hard year for many of us. As I sat down to write the Henry Budd College’s yearly letter, all I could see were deficiencies – what I didn’t do, what we had to cancel, and what were weren’t able to accomplish. I mourned what could have been and wallowed in grumpiness for a few hours. Then was given a reality check that as Christians we are a people of hope – resurrection hope, in fact! This means that we should acknowledge sorrow and struggle, but must hold them in tension with hope and vision.

As I wrote our letter, I tried to be honest about our year, the ups and the downs. Unfortunately, I seriously dropped the ball in taking photos of most of the events that we had, so our pictures are few and far between. Something for me to be mindful of next year!

Despite this being a year with a number of setbacks, I am deeply grateful for the work that I get to do at Henry Budd College, in the Diocese of Brandon, and beyond. It is my hope that 2023 will give us new challenges and many joys. All the best to your communities this Christmas season.

The Rev. Vince Solomon leading a discussion on Indigenous Worship at Church of the Redeemer, Big Eddy, OCN
The ever-intrepid Freda Lepine packing hampers for northern communities