Nepowewin: Looking Out Upon a Legacy

On Sunday, August 8, 2021, my husband Keith Hyde and I had the opportunity to visit the site of the Rev. Henry Budd's Nepowewin (“standing place” or “good lookout”) Mission on the banks of the Saskatchewan. Budd established this mission to reach out to the Plains Cree in 1852/53 and ministered there with his family until … Continue reading Nepowewin: Looking Out Upon a Legacy

Prayer Book Studies 2

Henry Budd College will be offering a condensed course examining some of the services of worship in our prayer books that are not Morning/Evening prayer or Holy Communion. We'll be discussing the services of initiation - baptism and confirmation, pastoral offices such as marriage, anointing and healing and wakes and funerals, as well as a … Continue reading Prayer Book Studies 2