Once again, we are facing a Christmas season with a number of unknowns. Will the omicron variant change our plans with friends and families? Between the pandemic and the wild weather, should we travel? Will we even be able to get a turkey? Despite all of the unknowns, the rock-solid truth we can stand on is this: Emmanuel, God-with-us, is in our hearts and homes through the most challenging of circumstances. So, we celebrate!

We celebrate Jesus’ incarnation and life among us with worship, Scripture reading, carols of praise, and prayers. To help us worship Christ, the new-born King together, we’ve created a booklet that will take you through the entire Christmas season. We’ve included a complete Christmas service with a reflection, readings, and prayers. And just for fun, embedded in the reflection is a Christmas-carol-lyrics scavenger hunt (find them all, or get a little help from Bishop William Cliff’s Spotify playlist)

And as we all know, Christmas lasts for 12 days, so we’ve also included Gospel readings and the Gospel Based Discipleship meditation questions for each for the 12 days, along with Bishop William’s beautiful Christmas Litany. Please feel free to download, print (select the booklet option for printing), and share with your friends and relatives. So, come, all ye faithful (even if you’re not feeling especially joyful or triumphant) to worship and adore him for he is Christ the Lord!