With the cold weather settling in, we are starting to look forward to winter activities. For many of us, that means dusting off the skies, tuning up the snowmobile, or getting the ice shack ready for when the lake freezes. For those of us in the Church, it might mean turning our thoughts towards the upcoming Church year or the Advent and Christmas seasons. And Henry Budd College is offering TWO learning opportunities to help you get ready for the new church year!

First, we are joining with Montreal Diocesan College for the upcoming course Luke: A Journey with Jesus. This 5-week online course taught by the Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink will re-introduce us to the Gospel of Luke which will be the main focus of the cycle of readings that many churches use in 2022. This course is designed to be an introduction to the Gospel for those who have no prior background or a refresher for those who want to prepare for the coming year.

But that’s not all! We will also be offering a 3-session Biblical Story Telling workshop Telling our Stories by Heart with the Rev. Dr. Susan Wilson which will focus on learning and telling the Christmas story with renewed energy and hope! Biblical storytelling is telling Scripture by heart as though the Biblical story is our story – which of course, it is! If you want to know a little more about Biblical story telling, visit the Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

Both the Luke course and the Storytelling workshop will be offered in-person at Henry Budd College (Covid protocols in place) and on Zoom. They are open to all people – Indigenous and non-Indigenous, Anglican and not, lay and ordained. It’s our commitment at Henry Budd College to learn together, with and from each other, so all are welcome!

Contact Kara at Henry Budd College for more information – hbcm@mymts.net, 204-623-3311, or send us a Direct Message on Facebook/Messenger.