The Synod for the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land was just over a month ago. I attended as a delegate from the Diocese of Brandon, and literally as we were on our way our of town, one of our Board members, Fred Lepine (also a delegate), suggested that we bring some of the resources that have been developed at Henry Budd College over the years. So, we quickly zipped to the College, printed off a bunch of teaching and worship resources, and went off to Prince Albert. I hadn’t planned to set up a full College display table, but I used a table at the back of the meeting room and set out some of the materials we brought. They were quickly snatched up with people asking for more. Embarrassingly, I did not plan at all, so I didn’t even have business cards with me! I wrote our email address on a piece of paper and was thoroughly embarrassed at the lack of foresight and professionalism on my part. Clearly, PR is not my one of my strengths!

When I got home, I was thinking about how I could have been more forward thinking with not only promoting Henry Budd College, but making sure people could access our materials. Wanting to make sure I was not caught empty handed again, I ended up creating a sharable Sync folder for some of materials, organised into sub folders so that anyone with the link could download, print, and edit the materials that we have created. This is important to me – that we not only share our resources, but make them available to edit according to context and need. We all do our ministry training and liturgy a little bit differently, especially within Indigenous communities that have incorporated traditional teachings or ceremony in local liturgical practices. All of the resources are shared in Word so you can make changes as you see necessary or fit. The majority of these resources are created in a booklet format, so printing is double sided, flip on short side (you can always get in touch with me for editing or printing assistance)

Here’s the link, (

And, in a move that has made me disproportionately proud, here’s a QR code that will take you to the Sync folder:

Feel free use, change, and share these resources. I will add and update the folders as we continue to work on materials. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks! The Ven. Kara Mandryk, Coordinator at Henry Budd College